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Freddy has been in the theatre since he was 14 years old. He’s been performing professionally for over 25 years, spanning a full range of theatre, TV, cinema, physical theatre, voice over and improvisation. 


The last few years have been particularly exciting with parts in the The Disney Channel’s ‘Penny on Mars’ and in Sky Tv’s ‘Devils’, ‘Leonardo’ and 'Sandokan', and Rai 1's 'Marconi'; including scenes with ‘Casino Royale’ legend Giancarlo Giannini, ‘House of Cards’ actor Lars Mikkelsen, and ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘Poldark’ star Aiden Turner, 'La Vita e Facile' star Stefano Accorsi, and 'Four Weddings and A funeral' star John Hannah.

It’s also been an incredible time for cinema playing with Romola Garai and Patrick Kennedy in Susannah Nicchiarelli’s unconventional biopic ‘Miss Marx’, Paolo Taviani’s 2nd Pirandello adaptation ‘Leonora Addio’, and in Lucia Puenza’s film with Eva Longoria, ’Together Now’ as part of the new campaign to promote strong female leads and directors in film, called ‘Tell it Like a Woman’. 

Freddy is also a model and has created loads of other projects, so check out the projects page to get a sense of the full breadth of his work.


Freddy now lives between London and Central Italy with his wife Maria Rita and two young kids.


Photo: Philip Gay

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