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Freddy’s new podcast is a popular science and philosophy show, that investigates theories of consciousness and reality, the implications of quantum physics and useful tools from psychology and neuroscience.

It is the result of his deep passion to bring these subjects to the general public in a fun, digestible and useful way. It’s available in both Audio and video form:




Freddy has been djing for over 25 years. He’s a passionate music fan, loved for his quirky and unexpected sets. Playing a diverse range of genres to order; including house and techno, Rock and Roll and 50's swing, 70's disco classics, ska and reggae, afrobeat, burlesque, and with a twist of electronic dance music remixes. He’s a heads up DJ, responding to the moment, offering something for everyone present. Listen here 


Also a DJ for fashion events and weddings, Freddy carries an extensive collection of popular music from almost all eras and genres to suit any requirements. His experience includes PR events for fashion brands such as Hermes and Escada, and work for brand's Christmas and summer parties such as Goldman Sachs and Top Shop.


He performs regularly at Uk festivals like Glastonbury, Groove Armada's Lovebox and Rob da Bank's Bestival. He has also programmed stages and DJed at festivals like Shambala and Secret Garden Party. He has DJed at one-off events at celebrated London venues such as The Notting Hill Arts Club, Gimlik, 291 Gallery and the ICA; and held residencies at Herbal, Favela Chic and the Bethnal Green Working Mens Club.


Since 2012 Freddy has been offering ecstatic dance meditation sessions too. These somatic ‘Free Dance’ experiences offer the benefits of movement meditation, a full workout and an emotional release to the participants. Listen to one of his dance ‘waves’ here.


Music for Freddy is a replenishing holiday from his work as a performer, so he is always keen to come and play. Please feel free to get in touch via the contact form for any kind of event.


Since 2001 Freddy has run the multi-media arts organisation Being in Motion. He held a festival at the 291 Gallery in Hackney London including 100’s of artists spanning the fields of performance art, dance, animation, music video, interactive installation, photography and live music.

Being in Motion’s mission is to create accessible environments for artists to present their work, meet other artists that may become potential collaborators and to interface with the public in a way that the process of making the work is part of the work itself.

Most recently, in Central Italy, Being in Motion has set up the Ritratti D'Artista Experimental Dance Festival, curated by Freddy’s wife Maria Rita Salvi. The public get a complete insight into the process of the artist as they are invited to join a workshop, participate in a work in progress directed by the artist, and then interract at a live Q+A after the show. Now in its third year the festival has been acclaimed by the public, its sponsors, the local council and the regional arts body that supports it.


From 2008-2018 Freddy ran the interactive performance company The Artful Badger. Inspired by its original ecstatic dance workshop program, the company exploded into popularity following its sell out shows at the Vaults Festival in London Bridge and its 24 hour programs of workshops, walkabout theatre and live music till dawn in the woods at the Secret Garden Party Festival. 

Famous for their striking animal masks, wild nature inspired themes and jump-up dancers with bands, the Artful Badger was iconic for its time and is still referenced in fashion, legend and shamanic inspired theatre and on stage-dancing at gigs. Badger Radio was the Artful Badger’s devoted podcast presented by Freddy. The archive of all shows is available here

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